Expert Pharmaceutical Project Cost Controls

Cost consultancy on Pharmaceutical and bio-tech projects is a specialist area for MacMinn O’Reilly Mahon. During over 30 years in operation, MacMinn O’Reilly Mahon has seen repeat business from major pharma clients, as they have grown their operations within Ireland. There are many unique aspects to offering professional cost advice to the pharmaceutical and bio tech industries. These include:

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  • Establishing clean room requirements (if any) and in particular, the grade of clean room required.
  • Identifying the level of services required to the proposed space. Building services might traditionally account for perhaps 20 – 30% of a project budget. On pharmaceutical projects, the mechanical, electrical, process and sprinkler budgets are more generally in excess of 50% of the available project budget.
  • Compilation of a project budget which reflects the higher specification products required for certification of a clean environment. This may also include providing for specialist insurers requirements, such as F.M. Global or similar.
  • Ensuring that the budget allows for the smooth and continued operation of any existing facilities in so far as can be achieved. Imposing on existing production capabilities, whether intentionally or unintentionally, can have major cost implications.


  • Help to pre-select a list of suitable contractors to tender for the project. These contractors must be experienced in working in “live” areas, achieving high standards of detailing and meeting demanding project schedules. To enable this pre-selection, we will utilise our “in house” suitability assessment process.
  • Advise on contract selection. Many pharmaceutical clients are headquartered outside of Ireland and are often required to adopt certain contractual provisions that may not be typical in Ireland.
  • Structure the tender documents so that phasing is adequately defined and priced. Early access is often required to allow fitting of client equipment.
  • Monitor the developing design and ensure it is within budget, with particular focus on the services elements.
  • Working to very demanding timescales for the preparation of tender document, with major losses to production revenues if milestones are not reached.


  • Assistance with capital allowances and accelerated depreciation of assets to comply with Revenue’s requirements.
  • More frequent cost reporting.
  • Scheduling of payments to meet client payment runs.
  • Adapting the project design if required due to changing  market conditions experienced by our client.

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