Johnstown Castle Visitors Centre

Brief Desciption Of Project:

Visitor Centre c.1,100m2 for Johnstown Castle including kitchen and
associated site development works. The works included new access gates,
upgrade to access roads and provision of new carparking in a historic
setting. The Irish Heritage Trust will operate the site as a visitor centre with
Johnstown Castle being the centre of the attraction. The building was
situated within the walls of the “Farmyard” of the original castle, with the
original yard wall kept as one of the walls of the new building. The
contract included new paths around the lakes.

Design Team 

Architect: CJ. Falconer & Associates

Structural Engineer: David Kelly Partnership

Services Engineer: Ronan Meally Consulting Engineers

Approximate Value of Project: €3,200,000

Quantity Surveyor: MacMinn O’Reilly Mahon

Completed In: 2019